Short Holiday


I just came back from holiday. This year we went with the family to Italy. I have never been there before, it was my first-time. Why?  I don't know it has never attracted me before.

To be honest, I LOVED it. Fresh food, plenty of seafood and all biological. Exactly my favorite kind of holiday.  

It was pretty warm though, but bearable even for my kids. And where we stayed has airconditioning so it was ok.

For my understanding, Italy is famous for its ice-cream and pasta, but I found their coffee culture is even more profound than the French. And I really liked it. Just wake up in the morning go to the nearest coffee-bar and have an espresso. WOW, I am already quite satisfied with the way of living there. Kids, there doing ice-creams at 10:00 am, that I had to learn to adapt.