Promotie menu phase 2

One friend of mine said the pictures I made were not delicious. It does not invite you to eat. I said it's just a phased one. In phase two I reviewed my first idea. I have to say why do I want to continue where we left last year. As I always say when things change, the rest can't be 100% the same. That's why I did not have a good feeling of my own idea. I call it our promotion menu, so we can show it as a promotion for new dishes which we might implement in our existing menu list.

This time I make a 5-course menu. Starting with sushi, go on with cold serve beef carpaccio, eggplant on toast as an in-between and the main grilled chicken on rice with soy-egg.
Dessert will be a green tea mania with 3 kinds of green tea serve.