What is hard to do is easy to understand.

I tell him/her your job is to bring drinks to the table, clean the table and reset the table.

Not more not less. Sometimes you see them taking orders, sometimes you see them doing payments, sometimes, you see them do nothing, sometimes you see them serving dishes and so on.... Why ???how come???  I used to ask myself (I do not do that anymore).

!!! I allow them to do nothing ?

They just , should do what I told them to do,  then I am satisfied, why I am not 😔.  Do I need to say it.

Maybe my asian roots is too strong ; I refer this to ying yang, balance kind of stuff.

Main reason " the customer ", everything I do is about the customer.  No customer,  no business, soooo simple. You make and break your business your image , your impression , you make it, it is not given.

We have many regulars , if they are served for the third time by a newbee they will loose confident in this restaurant. They will comment the management like they sucks etc.... and that is not good , you will not build a clientele list.

Yes , we are lack of staff , but I can comprimise , then we change our tactics. We devide in front end and back end, just to compensate the shortage.

Just to survive the day.