Chef Rocky is back

I call him Rocko , just a good or bad habbit to change one name in my preference? Funny thing is no one ever had problems with that. They just accept my version.

He has been on holidays for 5 weeks. These 5 weeks I had the chance to work seriously with Yong,  our new trainee. I hope he learned something from me and upgrade himself.

In the Japanese cultuur to upgrade oneself is a daily issue. That is why they are soo good.

In my journey to become one of the best I discovered that before you can become one ,you have too become something like a kitchen chef monster. Once you bit a kitchen knowledge you won’t let go you will eat the whole knowledge and become the knowledge. This knowledge is like a technique, a concept, it could be a recipe or something like that.

Motivation is an important thing in this. Don’t think about it just enjoy the proces. See it as a game , just fun to play with. And with this mindset, you can go for hours.